Keith and Elisha's Wedding and Reception

October 21, 2006
San Luis Obispo / Pismo Beach

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beginning of wedding ceremony

All the photos of the bridal party walking in were blurry since it was so dark
inside the church. I finally resorted to using my flash (except during certain
moments). First the grandparents from each side of the family walked in, then
Keith and I followed with Keith's dad and his wife immediately following us.
The bridal party came next, and finally Elisha and her parents. The bridal party stood
at the altar at first, then they were seated for a short period of time.


bride and groom are seated for a few minutes

Everyone (including the bride and groom) were seated while
the priest offered a brief sermon during part of the ceremony.


the vows begin

The ceremony continues with just the bride, groom, maid of honor and best
man standing at the altar. The sunlight shined directly on the priest, creating
an interesting effect.


the vows are given

The vows are given.


The Kiss!

The kiss! : )


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hagen!

Introducing the Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hagen!


Attendants exit

Cheryl (Keith's sister) and Chris exit the church. Elisha's sister
follows last.


Keith and Elisha after the ceremony

Keith and Elisha after the ceremony at the San Luis Obispo
Mission. Photos were taken in the courtyard of the Mission.


Keith, Elisha and my parents

Keith, Elisha, and Keith's grandparents.


Keith's sister Cheryl

Cheryl and the attendants after the ceremony.



Cheryl and the attendants after the ceremony.

Now... on to the reception!


reception location

The reception was held at the Best Western Shorecliff Lodge in Pismo Beach
at sunset. This was one view from the banquet room.


Arriving at the reception

The wedding party arrives at the reception. Unfortunately, the photo of the
bride and groom's arrival turned out too blurry.


Reception at Pismo Beach

They did a nice job decorating the banquet room for the reception. A view of
the ocean and sunset could be seen from three sides of the room. It was spectacular!


family at the reception

Steve and my family at the reception.


more of my family

More of my family... my brother and sister in laws, and my mom.


Mom and Dad at the reception

Mom and Dad (Keith's grandparents) at the reception.


Keith and Elisha at the reception (the rare moment they got to sit down!)

Keith and Elisha during a rare moment when they got to sit down at the reception!


cutting the cake

Cutting the cake.


feeding each other cake

Keith and Elisha feeding each other cake. Keith had a dab of
frosting on the tip of his nose.


The newlyweds dance

The newlyweds dance their first dance as husband and wife.


The parents get the next dance

Next, the bride danced with her father, and Keith and I danced.


Keith and me dancing

The dance continues.

This concludes my photos of the wedding and reception. Following are
photos taken on our way back home the next day. We stopped near Santa Barbara
to do some wine tasting and to have lunch at the Cold Springs Tavern, a favorite
hangout for bikers.


Wine tasting on the way back home

Steve in front of a humorous sign at one of the wine tasting rooms. The sign says,
"Consilence.... NOT featured in Sideways." (the movie)


arriving at Cold Springs Tavern

Arriving at Cold Springs Tavern. The road is lined with motorcycles
and bikers (and anyone else who wants to join in).


lunch at Cold Springs Tavern

Lunch inside Cold Springs Tavern, just northeast of Santa Barbara.


gift shop at Cold Springs Tavern

Gift shop at Cold Springs Tavern.



This bikerdog did a great job guarding the bike. Nothing persuaded him from
leaving his post! He was so cute!



I thought bikerdog was going to jump ship, but he stayed the course!



Bikerdog says goodbye as we head on home. It was such a
wonderful weekend and wedding!